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School of International Education of SJTU(SIE)was founded in May 2000, and has specialized in foreign language teaching while performing as a secondary research institute. The school currently has a talented team of teachers with PhD degrees in linguistics and literature. The college has an undergraduate program in “Chinese language”, and masters programs in “linguistics and applied linguistics” and “teaching Chinese as a second language”. The total number of international students in SIE has grown to 3000, which including 500 degree students, 2,000 long-term and 500 short-term language students.


SIE locates at XuHui campus of SJTU,Xu Hui district of Shanghai, Close to it are many consulates of foreign countries. Several public transit systems are within walking distance for it, such as subway,light-rail, bus lines, etc. Nan Jing Road, Huai Hai Road, Hong Qiao Airport, Shanghai Railway Station, Lu Jia Zui(Pu Dong)could be reached within 20 minutes.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)


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