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2021 Spring Semester Online Part Time Chinese Language Course 2020-10-19
2021 Spring Online Chinese Language Course 2020-09-15
Term Schedule for 2020 Autumn Semester Language Students 2020-07-23
2020 Autumn Online Chinese Language Course 2020-06-10
Guideline for 2020 Online Summer Chinese Course 2019-11-26
Term Schedule for 2020 Spring Semester Long-term Chinese Class 2019-11-14
Notice for Residence Self-Registration of Overseas People 2019-11-09
2020 ​Part-time HSK Tutorial Class 2019-10-25
2020​ Long term Chinese Language Course-Part time 2019-10-25
2020 Long-term Chinese Language Course-Full time 2019-10-25
Supplementary Information Form for Language Students 2019-08-02
Term Schedule for 2019 Autumn Semester Long-term Chinese Class 2019-07-22
2019 Summer Chinese Course-English 2018-11-27
Term Schedule for 2019 Spring Semester Long-term Chinese Class 2018-10-29
Shanghai Jiaotong University Long term Chinese Language Course - Full time 2018-10-11
Shanghai Jiaotong University Long term Chinese Language Course - Part time 2018-10-11
Shanghai Jiaotong University Short term Chinese Language Course 2018-10-11
The Housing Contract for International Students at Panyu Building 2017-05-27
International Student Accommodation Regulations at Panyu Building 2017-05-27
Important Notice on Dorm Booking For the 2017 Summer School Students 2017-05-27
Notice on Accommodation Reservation for Summer School Students at SIE 2015-03-12
Chinese Courses Introductory Video 2015-03-10
FAQ In Chinese Language Study 2014-07-07

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