Accommodation & Visa
Guideline on Dorm Accommodation for International Students in Minhang Campus

I. Check in

1.        Please go through the check-in formalities in the Dorm Management Office to get the key of the room and the remote controller of the air-conditioner, etc.

2.        Please go through the registration form of temporary residence in Room 109, No. 8 International Student Building (please keep the form properly, which is to be required in your visa application).

II. Use of electricity

1.        The electricity fee shall be borne by the students themselves.

2.        After check-in, please prepay the electricity fees in Room 323 of the Old Executive Building (the previous electricity fees used will be taken out automatically in the prepaying process).

3.        Provided the fees are not prepaid, the power will be cut off automatically one week after check-in.

III. Take shower (instructions on water heaters)

Building No. 8 and No. 10:

1.        Switch on the power: switch the button on the right side of the electric water heater to the maximum status (rotate clockwise to the end).

2.        Use the heater after the temperature rises (for around 1 hour).

3.        The temperature of the water could be adjusted by turning the tap between left and right.

Building No. 9, No. 12 and No. 51:

1.        Student can take shower by swiping the card (after check-in, please prepay the campus card immediately).

2.        The consumption limit of each card swiping is Two Yuan; if the shower exceeds Two Yuan, you are required to swipe for the second time.

3.        Please swipe the card immediately after finishing shower and the residual sum of Two Yuan will be returned to your card. Failure to do so will cause the automatic deduction of the residual sum of Two Yuan.

4.        Please take care of the campus card in shower as it's subject to damage in humid environment.

IV. Access to Internet

1.        Please get an IP address from the attendant of the Dorm Management Office for free access to Internet.

2.        Please prepare the Internet lines by yourself.

V. Laundry

1.        Please purchase the laundry coins from the Dorm Management Office. The price for laundry is 3 Yuan/bucket and for drying is 5 Yuan/bucket.

2.        Please go through the laundry process pertaining to the instruction of the administrator of the dorm.

VI. Use of kitchen

1.        The microwave is available in the kitchen.

2.        Please prepare other cooking tools (for instance, electromagnetic oven, boiler and electric cooker, etc) by yourself.


VII. Prohibition of use the rule-violating electric appliances

It's prohibited to use the high-power electric appliances, for instance, water heater, electric cooker, electric blanket, heater, electromagnetic oven, microwave oven, etc.

VIII. Move from dorm to off-campus

1.        Before moving, please transact the Off-campus Accommodation Certificate in Room 306 of the old Executive Building.

2.        Please hold the Off-campus Accommodation Certificate to apply for "registration form of temporary residence" in the local police station.

3.        The move from the dorm to the outside arbitrarily without any off-campus accommodation formalities will be deemed as illegal residence.

IX. Check-out

1.        Before check-out, it's required that the each student shall hand over the key of the room to the administrator of the dorm and it's not allowed to entrust others for the hand over.

2.        Students are not allowed to leave until the administrator checks that there's no damage to the articles of the dorm.

X. Accept the normal management of the dorm administrator

Under special circumstances, the dorm administrator is allowed to enter the dorm of the international students for necessary inspection.

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