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Textbooks & Other Living Necessities


Not ever course requires textbooks. Students can study from PowerPoint slides and other handouts. Should you choose to print them out, printing costs are approximately 10 yuan per class per semester.

If you opt for textbooks, domestic textbooks cost around 30 yuan. Foreign textbooks released by Chinese publishers, whether in Chinese or in the original English texts, can be purchased for 60 to 100 yuan. Imported textbooks costs 200 yuan or more.

Xueren Bookstore at Lianhua Life Center in the Minhang campus offers textbooks at a 15% discout and test-preparation material at a 20% discount. You can also shop at the used bookstore, also in Lianhua Life Center. Also consider ordering online, where texts can be found at even steeper discounts. Most online stores offer free delivery and payment-upon-delivery services.

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Living Necessities

Minhang Campus

If you are not too picky, most living necessities—toiletries, office supplies, etc.—can be purchased on campus. You can also shop at the Auchen Hypermarket by Dongchuan Road Metro Station. Expect to spend 30 yuan on average per month.

Xuhui Campus

There are several supermarkets around Xuhui campus. Prices are generally high; a jar of peanut butter may go for 3 to 4 yuan more in Xuhui! Shopping online is a good way to save some money. offers free delivery for purchases of more than 100 yuan.


Shopping & Entertainment

>  Movies & Cinema. Ticket prices vary from 50 to 100 yuan, according to location and time.
>  Fashion.  Clothes at Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, and Jack Jones can be purchased at 60 to 500 yuan a piece. If you are in the mood for bargaining, try shopping at the Qipu Road Shopping District, where a T-shirt can be had at 30 yuan, and 200 yuan would have you going home with a couple of full outfits!
>  Digital Devices.  Mobile phones are available from 1200 yuan, and computers from 4000 yuan.

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