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International students who are studying at Shanghai Jiao Tong University should carry insurance.

1. If you have already bought international insurance in your home country, please submit a photocopy of the relevant documents to the school for a record;

2. If you have not bought international insurance in your home country, the school will provide insurance at the registration. The insurance premium will be supported by the students.

3. Insurance premium and coverage: ¥400/ 6 month for non-degree students, including unforeseen injury insurance; ¥800/12 month  for degree students, including unforeseen injury medical insurance, and hospitalization medical insurance.

4. The school purchases the ¥800/12month unforeseen injury medical insurance and hospitalization medical insurance for scholarship students (i.e. recipients of Chinese Government, Shanghai Government (Class A), and Confucius Institute Scholarships)

5. Insurance Contact Information

6. School Contact Information: Mr. Zhao (86 21 62820697,

7. If you want to purchase insurance , please go to room 111,No.1 lecture hall.

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