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Long-Term Chinese Language Course (Xuhui campus)

The School of International Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was founded in 2000, although the university has been teaching Chinese as a second language since the early 1990's. Currently, Chinese classes offered at the school include the general track, which is divided into 9 grades, the New Chinese Course, Special Course for Overseas Chinese, Advanced Culture and Business Course and other special classes, as well as elective courses such as HSK Test Preparation, Chinese Culture lecture series (taught in English), Chinese Calligraphy, and Chinese Painting, etc.

The School of International Education employs over 70 experienced teachers, most of whom have at least a Master's degree, or possess abundant experience teaching Chinese overseas. The school features the small class sizes and all classrooms are equipped with multi-media teaching facilities. Since 2003, the school has been an HSK examination center, providing comfortable and considerate services for the examinees.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, for instance, a foreign student talent competition, a miniature World Expo, dragon boat racing, table tennis competitions, and a New Year’s Party for them to develop their abilities, cultivate their interests, and make new friends.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is located in Xujiahui, which boasts convenient transportation options and an elegant learning environment.

I. Period of Schooling
Students may apply for either one semester or one academic year of long-term refresher Chinese learning. Each semester is 18 weeks long, but students may apply for another semester based on their respective circumstances when the period of schooling is due.

II. Types of Long-term Chinese Language Classes
Attention: All the students should apply for the course as long-term Chinese language course, and then enter the general track or special classes after level testing when semesters start.
(I) General Track:
1. The general track consists of Intensive Reading, Spoken Chinese, Listening, Reading, and Writing classes, for a total of 20 class hours per week. Please refer to Appendix ① for a sample class schedule.
2. Levels: The track is divided into 9 levels: Elementary 1, Elementary 2, Elementary 3, Elementary 4, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Intermediate 3, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.

(II) Special Classes:
1. New Chinese Course:

(1) Target group: Chinese learners who wish to improve their listening and speaking proficiencies intensively over a short period of time;
(2) Objectives: To strengthen and rapidly improve students' listening and speaking abilities;
(3) Curriculum:
A: New Curriculum I (one semester):  20 class hours per week—Intensive Reading: 6 class hours; Spoken Chinese: 8 class hours; Listening: 4 class hours; Chinese Characters: 2 class hours. The Chinese Characters class is taught individually, at a literacy rate 1/3 that of the general track. The other classes will be taught using pinyin as needed.
B: New Curriculum II (one semester):  20 class hours per week—Intensive Reading: 8 class hours; Listening: 8 class hours; Chinese character: 4 class hours.

2. Special Course for Overseas Chinese:
(1) Target group: Students should be able to orally communicate at a basic level in Mandarin (no lower than the level reached at the end of Elementary 1) but know fewer than 200 characters. Most of these students are of Chinese heritage;
(2) Objectives: To focus on improving students' reading and writing to match their existing listening and speaking abilities while enhancing their overall competence with the aim of enrolling these students in Elementary 4 or Intermediate 1 after one semester.
(3) Curriculum: 20 class hours per week including 12 class hours of Reading and Writing, 4 class hours of Listening and 4 class hours of Spoken Chinese.

3、Advanced Culture and Business Course:
(1) Target group: Continuing language learning students in advanced level;
(2) Objectives: To provide seminars on Chinese traditional culture and social economy for students with relatively high Chinese language ability who are not content with ordinary language classes, to further improve their Chinese language abilities, and for them to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary Chinese society;
(3) Curriculum: 20 class hours per week, with the following classes: Rhetoric and Expression: 4 class hours; Chinese Folklore: 2 class hours; Selected Readings of Chinese Literature: 2 class hours; Tourism Culture: 2 class hours; Chinese Idioms: 4 class hours; Advanced Business Chinese: 4 class hours and Business Chinese through Video and Speaking: 2 class hours.

III. Elective Courses
(1) Language classes:HSK Test Preparation, Chinese Culture (taught in English), Shanghainese, Business Chinese, Chinese Characters, Chinese Characters & Culture.
(2) Traditional culture classes:Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese painting, Seal Cutting, Paper Cutting, Film Appreciation, etc.

IV. Cultural Activities & Language Practice
(1) Visits to historic cultural sites and natural sights in and around Shanghai;
(2) Art viewing;
(3) Language practice with Chinese cultural or historic sites viewing.

V. Semesters & Registration periods
Spring semester: February to July.
    Registration closes on the preceding December 15th or when classes are filled.

Autumn Semester: September to January.
    Registration closes on the preceding June 15th or when classes are filled.

VI. Fees (hotline:+86 21 62820639 Ms.Cai )

1. Application Fee:RMB 450(about $85).
2. Tuition:RMB 9,900/semester(about $1,650)

3. Tuition for elective courses:RMB 200/course, excluding cost of materials

VII. Application Requirements
1. Valid passport.
2. 18-60 years old; sound physical and psychological health.

VIII. Application Procedure
Step 1:Fill out the Online application.(Pls select "Chinese Language Study")
Step 2:Pay the application fee of RMB 450 and upload the remittance document to the online application form. The fee may also be paid in person at the school. (Remittance Information)

IX. Accommodation

No accommodation for non-degree Chinese Language students.

X. Contact information
ADDRESS: Admissions office (Room 105, Lecture Building No.1), No. 1954, Hua Shan RD.(or No. 655, Pan Yu RD.) Shanghai, China
ZIP CODE: 200030
PHONE:  +86 21 62932277

① Sample class schedule:
Time arrangement of courses varies by level. The class schedule below is for reference only.

Class Schedule for Intermediate 1Sample









Intensive Reading

Intensive Reading




Intensive Reading




Spoken Chinese



Spoken Chinese



     1-2节 8:20am-9:50am   3-4节 10:10am-11:40am  

     5-6节 12:55pm-14:25pm  7-8节 14:55pm-16:25pm

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